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If you want to save money, start by reducing wasted energy. The simplest way to do this is to switch off your appliances, devices and equipment at the wall outlet every time you're not using them. But for most of us this is inconvenient - if not impossible.

This is where the ecoswitch® makes switching off your appliances easy. Turn off this standby power and pocket the savings.

Using an ecoswitch® you are effectively moving the location of your power point away from the wall to a more convenient location – without having to crawl under furniture or fumble around amongst cords alive with electricity. Think of your ecoswitch® as being like a remote control, except better because nothing will remain on standby.

The ecoswitch®  is now your ‘Easy Reach Power Switch’.


ecoswitch® is easy!

  1. Insert the ecoswitch® plug into the power outlet on the wall
  2. Insert your appliance or power-board into the ecoswitch® socket
  3. Put the switch somewhere easy to see and easy to reach.

That’s it, start switching. Easy huh?


  • The ecoswitch® also has a green light on the switch to act as a reminder for you to switch off. When the green light is off, your connected appliances are 100% off.
  • You can identify which devices you are controlling by writing on the small panel below the switch.
  • Moving it to the best position for anyone to access and see, you eliminate the need to bend or strain.

Now you can turn any appliance or cluster of appliances off completely and safely, saving you money and saving the environment.


Why it's SMART


Good for the environmentGood for the environment

Using three ecoswitches around the home will save an estimated 800kg per year of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, per household.


Save moneySave over $120 a year!

Eliminate standby and the average household's electricity bill can be slashed by over 10%, representing savings of at least $120 per year (based on 2005 statistics).


ico_md_fireReduce the risk of fire in your home

The ecoswitch® turns your connected devices off 100% thereby reducing the risk of fire in your home caused by any electrical surges or by appliances overheating.


ico_md_homeentExtend the life of your appliances

For a long time it has been an urban myth that turning off hi-tech modern appliances, like computers and home theatre systems, shortened their life. This is untrue.




eco-switchhomeofficeico_lg_houseIn the Home

Eliminate standby and the average household's electricity bill can be slashed by over 10%, representing savings of at least $120 per year (2005 statistics). And with electricity prices rocketing upwards, you're bound to save much, much more.

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ico_lg_officeofficeAt the Office

One of the largest areas of energy consumption by businesses large or small is computers and photocopiers that are left on overnight. Using the ecoswitch® to turn off multiple computers and peripheral devices will save heaps of energy. And money.

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