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eco-seal fitting instructions


Draught excluder

Instruction sheet


Door and window weather stripping reduces draughts, making houses easier to heat and more comfortable to live in. This is a D.I.Y product that can be applied to window and door frames. Sealing doors and windows provides energy cost savings with short payback periods.


  • For wooden and metal hinged doors and windows
  • To seals gaps 1-8mm
  • Is self adhesive and self adjusting
  • Has a wipe clean surface
  • Has a very low closing pressure

Please read all the instructions before attempting to fit ecoseal.

1. Make sure all surfaces which the seal is to be fitted are clean, dry, free of dust, grease and flaking paint. It is recommended to clean the surface with a white spirit such as vinegar and dry off thoroughly.

2. Peel off approx 150mm of the backing tape to expose the self adhesive surface and working from the top, adhere the seal to the vertical frame of the door or window, in such a position that the seal can be compressed by closing the door or window. [see diagram for correct positioning of the seal ]. When applying the seal, apply it flat – don’t bend it.

3. Continue to remove the backing paper working downwards, and smooth down to ensure seal is properly affixed to the frame. Cut to exact length using scissors. Repeat for the other vertical side and the frame at the top of the door. If used on a window, it can be affixed to the bottom of the frame.




4. Once firmly attached fold the seal outwards along the centre crease to form a "V" shape seal.


NOTE: Other than standard doors and windows, ecoseal has been used on awning and casement windows and even in large cracks in timber floors. It is possible to also affix to double hung windows – these can be particularly draughty where the two window pane frames meet as well as at the top and bottom of the frame. The seal has also been used on wooden sliding doors on the vertical sides. With non-standard situations, some trial and error may be required.

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