Offering Australian householders and business, services and products to make your environment more energy efficient and sustainable

Who we are

people-painting-a-house-greenEcomad is dedicated to and specialises in sustainability services and products to households and small businesses. Fortunately we get the opportunity to really make a difference every single day.

Homeowners and small business ask us every day....

  • Why are my energy bills so high?
  • Would solar really be a good investment?
  • Why can't I heat this room or cool that room?
  • Would new windows make a difference?
  • And many others. 

Our answer to all of these? We don't know and we don't guess. Some issues are easy to solve, many aren't. More importantly, solving issues are not easily assigned to a specific trade.

For high electric bills, who should you call? An electrician? Your power company? A heating and air conditioning company? Your council?

For problems with airborne intruders like dust, dirt or allergens, where would you start? A heating and air company? A window company? An insulation company? 

The reality is, there is no right answer. Because no matter who you choose to start with, you'd be guessing. And guessing can be frustrating and costly.

Our energy consultants will help solve these issues for you. No more guessing.

Every home or business has different challenges, needs, and options and solutions are tailored on a case-by-case basis.  We've helped more than 600 households become more sustainable and have recently offered services to the commercial sector.  We CAN help YOU reduce your energy consumption, water consumption and waste, start up a vegie garden or food forest, insulate your home, and more.  Isn't it time you helped secure a clean, green future for our planet?

Ecomad provides:

  • Draught proofing consultations
  • Air Leakage testing
  • Residential and commercial sustainability assessments (energy, water, waste, garden)
  • Residential and commerical energy assessments
  • Renovation Consulations
  • Residential retrofits
  • Access to sustainable products
  • Thermal Performance Assessments (energy ratings) for new homes
  • Estimated energy ratings for existing homes
  • Insulation installation for new and existing homes
  • Insulation inspections for existing homes
  • New build Energy Rating Inspections
  • Raised Vegie Bed supply and install
  • and more...

BDAV RGB CorpMember LogoOur assessors are accredited through the BDAV (Building Designers Association of Victoria) for either Thermal Performance Assessing (Energy ratings) using FirstRate5 or Home Sustainability Assessing or both.

Ecomad has performed in excess of 600 assessments of homes and small business via direct client requests or various projects for organizations such as Sustainability Victoria and Places Victoria (ex Vic Urban). We have inspected insulation installed under the defunct Federal Gov't Insulation Scheme for the Home Insulation Safety Program and performed many retrofits to existing inefficient homes helping them save money and the environment.